Welcome to (Reaper) Online official Website !! Regulations designed to add flexibility for all, and create a clear pathway to follow. Please read them neatly. :one: . Player Behaviour Be respectful to all members at all times. Any form of discriminatory speech (racism , discrimination , insult) will not be tolerated. Our team members & players should be treated with respect , If someone insulted you just report him and don't fireback. Warning Actions : First Time Warning : We'll ask you to stop insult. Second Time Warning : You Won't be able to chat in game for 24 Hours ( Block Chat ) Third Time Warning : You Won't be able to chat in game for 72 Hours ( Block Chat ) Fourth Time Warning : You'll be banned permanently. :two: . Spamming Spamming / sending an unnecessary number of messages is not allowed. Mentioning / @ing team members multiple times is also considered spamming. :three: . Advertising & Discord Invites Do not advertise any content or send invites to our members via DMs. :four: . Inappropriate and Explicit Content Any NSFW content or gore is not allowed and will be removed immediately. :five: .Rules in Game : .Abusing Bugs is forbidden , You should report it. ( in case you abused any bug you'll have a ban IP/HWID & Won't be able to play our server again) .Advertising other servers is forbidden. .Don't follow any other links than our official one , In this situation we're not responsible for stealing your equipment. .Don't Use Id/Pw from any other servers , Use new one to avoid stealing. .Asking for items , free silks , secret deals is illicit. .Selling items for real money is unlawful. .Racists and insulting religions totally forbidden. .Criticism for no reason is prohibited. .Please Use English language in Globals & Discord main-lounge. Even if we don't have a rule listed here, that doesn't mean you are allowed to do it. If an admin tells you to stop, please stop.