Reaper Sro
Grand Opining
-Cap: 130-
-Start Lvl 1-
-Euro and Chinese Races-
-Mastery: 520 Chinese, 260 European-
-Support : [PVE&PVP] types-
-Battle Arena: avilable-
-CTF (Event So-Ok): avilable-
-Forgotten World (Wreck Ship): avilable-
-Forgotten World (Flame Mountain): avilable-
-New Skill Animations-
-Skills cap 130-
-EXP/SP Rates: 150x-
-Party EXP/SP Rates: 200x-
-Gold drop rate: 50x-
-Drop rate: 30x-
-Classic system job rate: 10x-
-MaxPLus: 28-
5Silk / h
Auto Equipment System
-Main Town : janjan-
-ALL Npc In: Janjan-
-lvl : 1
1B Gold
premium 15% (From Quest Begginer)
1k hp
1k mp
200% speed
50x Return Scroll
20x Revers (From Quest Begginer)
1x Fellow Grab Pet (From Quest Begginer)
1x Deviel 15% (From Quest Begginer)
*Some New Pets Photos From Reaper-Sro pets photos
*Avatars in NPC Free
*Avatars in NPC For Silk
*Specail items by Reaper Coin
*Specail Titles For Reaper Coin
*Proof (Luky 100%)+ Wings + Char Effects
*Auto Plus Notice
*There is More Than 15 Event
Trivia (Answer Questions)
Trivia (Complete Word)
Trivia (Find Mistake)
Trivia (Find Missing Letters)
Trivia (ReArrange Letters)
Uniques Event (Unique Kills)
Uniques Event ( Event in Room )
Uniques Event (Search & Destory)
Luky (Global Chat)
Luky (Private Message)
Luky (Staller)
Luky (Party Number)
Luky (Crit)
Job War Event
-[EM]- Events
PVP Event (Survial)
PVP Event (Weekly)
Qustions And Answers
1- How to get areana Coins ?
Answer: From bagdad mobs lvl 121
2- How to Get Copper Coins ?
Answer : From Uniqeus And Quest in Jangan
3- How to Get Gold ?
From Trade
4- How to Get silk ?
1- From donate 😃
2- From uniqeus
3- From Events
4- From Best Events like (Eu-Ch-Str-INT-UniqeusKiller)
5- How to Get Silver Coin ?
Answer: From Trade
1- The Burning Abyss Collection
Answer : Quest To Get D15 Weapon From FGW (Flame Mountain) By Collect 8 Books
2- Quest 50 Copper Coin
Answer : Quest To Get 50 Copper Coin by Hunt mobs From (Job Cave)
3- Quest 250 Gold Coin
Answer : Quest To Get 250 Gold Coin by Hunt 1000 mob Ong + 1000 Mob Kokuro From (SmarKand)
4- Quest to Get 100 Reaper Coin
Answer : Quest To Get 100 Reaper Coin By Hunt 5 Uniques From HolyWaterTemple (Sphinx-Nephthys-Sekhmet-Horus-Osiris)
5-Quest To Get D15 Shield (CH)
Answer : Collect 3000 Quest Reaper From Mobs Alexandria
6- Quest To Get D15 Shield (EU)
Answer : Collect 3000 Quest Reaper From Bagdad Mobs
There is Videos For How To make Every Quest On Our Discord Server